FSSC Athletes of the Month, 2013-2014




October 2013

Provincial Stream: Gillian McGinn
National Stream: Emma Morrissy

November 2013

Provincial Stream: Zoe Parsons and Kianna Hetherington
National Stream: Jillian Murdoch

December 2013

National Stream: Jaiden Regnier
Provincial Stream: Grace Doherty

January 2014

Provincial Stream: Lexi Boyle
National Stream: Ceara Hutchinson

February 2014

National Stream - Martha Moore
Provincial Stream - Sarah Ottens

March 2014
Provincial Stream: Sophie Beaudette
National Stream: Emily McKim

April 2014

 Provincial Stream - Olivia Murdoch
 National Stream - Megan McGuigan

May 2014

National Stream - Hannah Cameron

Provincial Stream - Eden Jones and Grace Pelkey