Swimmer’s Code of Conduct

In accordance with Synchro New Brunswick (N.B.), the Fredericton Synchronized Swimming Club (FSSC) is “committed to providing a sport environment which is athlete-centered, and which is characterized by open, clear communication and honesty, fairness and mutual respect”.


Membership with the FSSC is a privilege and swimmers must accept the membership with a full sense of responsibility and pride. The swimmers are expected to fulfill certain responsibilities and obligations as identified within this Code of Conduct, including, but not limited to, complying with the policies, rules and regulations of Synchro N.B. All swimmers and parents of swimmers are required to thoroughly review this conduct code at the beginning of the season.

Failure to comply with this conduct code will result in an immediate review of the case in question and appropriate action will be taken in accordance with the Synchro N.B. Discipline Policy (including the completion of a written Incident Report).




i)                    Swimmers must obey all rules of the UNB Sir Max Aitken facility. They must listen to and obey the directives of the facility staff while in the pool and on the premises.

ii)                   LANGUAGE:

The use of profane or improper language is not acceptable. Angry outbursts and arguing are not acceptable.

iii)                 ATTITUDE:

Swimmers are expected to demonstrate a positive attitude at all times with the knowledge that they, alone, are responsible for their actions. They must treat their coaches with respect and courtesy.

Whining, back talking, rolling eyes, teasing, mocking, failure to listen to others are all unacceptable.


Swimmers are expected to demonstrate behaviour that at all times is respectful at practices and at competitions, in the pool area, in the locker room, during travel, on social networks and mobile messaging. Swimmers shall not speak disparagingly of any other athlete (a teammate or member of another club), coach, official, administrator, sponsor, spectator, chaperone or volunteer. They shall refrain from comments or behaviours which are offensive, abusive, racist or sexist.

v)                  SMOKING, ALCOHOL AND DRUGS:

Smoking is detrimental to a swimmer’s ability to perform and, therefore, is not an acceptable activity. The use of alcohol or drugs in any non-medicinal fashion will not be tolerated under any circumstances.




Swimmers shall present a neat, appropriate and clean appearance at all functions pertaining to synchronized swimming. They must wear full team uniforms when representing the Club or competing.




Swimmers must:

i)                    Commit to swim the entire season.

ii)                   Demonstrate a commitment to the Club by attending all practices and arriving on time and prepared (15                     minutes prior to the scheduled practice time).

iii)                 Attend all competitions.

iv)         Abide by the FSSC Attendance Policy and thereby:

                a) Notify a coach in advance if going to be late or absent from a practice.

                b) Attend all pre-competition practices (2 weeks and weekends before)*.

                c) Understand that if a swimmer has missed 3 or more practices without a valid excuse, this will be dealt                        with on an individual basis.

* It is critical to the individual and for the team to be prepared for competition and missing a practice 2 weeks before a competition is unacceptable. Travel plans and vacations need to be booked accordingly.


If a swimmer has missed 3 or more practices without a valid excuse, this will be dealt with on an individual basis.

Arrangements for family vacations during the competitive season can be made by mutual agreement with a coach at the beginning of the season:

-          after the dates and venues of the competitions are known, and

-           based on when practices will be cancelled.



Swimmers who choose to participate in overlapping activities must realize that their first commitment lies with synchronized swimming. Any participation in a second activity during the competitive season, may only be done if it does not result in any conflicts with practices or competitions.




All swimmers are expected to purchase the full team FSSC uniform, including the track jacket and the track pants, the practice bathing suit and the FSSC bathing cap.

This contributes to team harmony, spirit and pride.


F.       AT HOME


i)                    Engage in independent core and flexibility training.

ii)                   Engage in regular independent landdrilling.

iii)                 Participate in other activities that promote overall fitness.


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Aug 25, 2016, 6:46 PM