Expectations of Parents and Code of Ethics

As a parent of a member of the Fredericton Synchronized Swimming Club (FSSC), I am expected to be aware of the Code of Ethics and to respect these conditions, to:

  • Provide encouragement to my swimmer in order to develop a healthy attitude toward practices and competition. Have her to practices and competitions on time and prepared.
  • Pay all swimmer program fees and competition fees fully and on time, including fundraising fees, meet fees and my share of travel costs for the coaches.
  • Ensure that my swimmer has all required equipment and FSSC uniform items.
  • Volunteer on a committee.
  • Support fundraising efforts. Participate in MANDATORY fundraisers and make MANDATORY contributions to Club raffles, auctions or other campaigns.
  • Attend and volunteer at team events that our Club is hosting.
  • Respect the coaches as professionals…and not get involved with the practices or call into question the choices the coaches make regarding selection of teams, soloists, duet partners, routine music, costumes and choreography (including each swimmer’s role in a routine).
  • Respect the Constitution of the FSSC Club.
  • Avoid expressing negative comments or remarks in any of my communications, including e-mails, which are harmful to the reputation of the Club or any of its members. At all times to communicate and interact respectfully with all swimmers, coaches, other parents and volunteers.
  • To present concerns or make inquiries with coaches at a mutually convenient time, not during a practice. If an issue does arise, I must first contact my swimmer’s coach. If no resolution occurs, then I may contact the Head Coach. The Head Coach may then contact other members of the Executive.
  • Read and understand the Rules, Guidelines and Recommendations for Swimmers and Parents at Competitions.
  • Commit to support the swimmers of the Club at competitions and adopt a positive attitude toward the swimmers and parents of the other clubs, officials and coaches.
  • Abide by the Club’s Chaperone Policy.
Fredericton Synchro,
Jul 5, 2016, 7:59 AM