Coaches’ Responsibility and Authority

Fredericton Synchronized Swimming Club 

Coaches’ Responsibility and Authority


The coaches of the Fredericton Synchronized Swimming Club are experienced and trained.

We will treat our swimmers and their parents with respect.

We will dress and behave professionally at practices, Club functions, and at competitions.

We are accountable for all of our actions and decisions that we make - on deck, at competitions, and through all communication with the swimmers and the parents including the use of social media.

We are responsible for adhering to the guidelines as set out by the Head Coach, and ultimately to the Executive.

We have final authority over all decisions related to routines, including the selection of teams, soloists, duet partners, routine music, costumes, and choreography (including each swimmer’s role in a routine).

During practices and at competitions, we have authority over the swimmer’s activities, training and behaviour.

We want our swimmers to work hard and to have fun as well.



  • To respect and abide by the principles of sportsmanship and fairplay
  • To improve the individual and team skills of each swimmer
  • To create and maintain a positive learning environment
  • To teach the swimmers that hard work pays off
  • To maintain discipline and mutual respect during practices and at competitions
  • To maintain a sense of humour and to have fun
  • To  teach the swimmers to respect the policies identified in the Swimmer’s Code of Conduct

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Jul 5, 2016, 7:57 AM