Packing Guide for Synchro Competitions

□          Fredericton Synchro uniform – jacket and daily dress code (no denim)

          Red or Black FSSC yoga jacket

          Team bathing suit(s)

          Solo or duet bathing suit, if applicable

          FSSC (practice) bathing suit for spacing

          Black figures bathing suit

          White Figures bathing cap

          FSSC club cap
          Club black shorts
          2-3 pairs of noseplugs
          housecoat or sweatshirt type jacket with full zipper to wear on deck before or after events (something that you don’t have 
             to pull over your head)
          Deck shoes
          Skipping rope, tubing, weight belt, etc.
□          Waterproof make-up, or whatever is specified by your coach
□          Your ipod, tablet, or MP3 player with routine music for landrilling
□          Energy-rich snacks for pre and post competitive events including water or un-sweetened fruit juice 
            (please refer to the Nutritional Guide)
          Your binder with 'all things synchro' - notes on figures, nutrition guidelines, daily dress code, motivational quotes,                 
             schedule, review of warm-ups, etc.
□          A smile and positive attitude 

Hair Supplies



          Headpieces / Bun covers

          Bobby pins

          Round (picket fence) comb, if needed
          Knox clear gelatin (2-3 packages per routine event) and plastic container to mix it in & fork or spoon to mix with

          Small travel size kettle

          Paint brush to apply Knox

Before leaving, remove all nail and toe polish. Do not wear or bring any jewelry.

The FSSC team uniform (dress code) is worn throughout the event.

The FSSC (practice) bathing suit and Fredericton Synchro cap are worn to spacing.

Fredericton Synchro,
Jul 5, 2016, 7:47 AM